Saturday, June 25, 2011

Color In Hex Sixteen Predefined Colors

Tweaking HTML code to adjust text colors should be an easy task.  Learning some basic HTML code is useful when creating blogs and websites because you can enter the HTML section of a website builder to change specific bit of text instead of changing the entire text within your blogs and websites web builder.

In the example here you can see how typing basic HTML code to create a Header to give your blog or website a pop, all you need to do is type this:

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Changing the color of just a bit of text</TITLE></HEAD>

<BODY TEXT="FF0000">

<H1><FONT COLOR="red"></FONT></H1>
Changing the color of just a bit of text
Changing the color of just a bit of text

If you copy and paste the HTML code above into the HTML section of your website builder or Edit HTML section within blogger the click Compose again, you will see for yourself how the code creates the text above.

In the HTML code above you can see the number code I typed to make the text the color red <BODY TEXT="FF000"> 

I know the color chart above is hard to read so I typed out The Sixteen Predefined Colors codes for you.

1.  Silver = #BFBFBF
2.  Gray = #616161
3.  Maroon = #6B0042
4.  Green = #218429
5.  Navy = #08215A
6.  Purple = #730063
7.  Olive = #425A10
8.  Teal = #087B7B
9. White = #FFFFFF
10.  Black = #000000
11.  Red = #FF0000
12.  Lime = #7BC618
13.  Blue = #0084A5
14.  Magenta = #CE0078
15.  Yellow = #FFFF42
16.  Cyan = #94D6E7


Turning text into a live link to direct visitors to any website, blog or article is easy.  Here is the basic HTML code as an example:

I want to turn into a live link and this is how it's done.

<a href=""></a>

If you copy and paste the code into the Edit HTML section within blogger or within any website builder HTML section, you will see this:

If you click on the link above you will be brought to my website. 

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